Preparing For 2024

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Build And Check Your 2024 Payroll Calendars

The Revenue published the employee 2024 RPNs’ (employee tax certificates) on the 8th of December 2023. The 2024 calendars can now be created by clicking the “build 2024” button within the payrun. If you don’t choose to create the calendar in advance it will build automatically on the 1st January 202.

Verify that the 2024 calendar dates align with your expectations.

Any employees who were ceased or employed after the 8th of December will have had their 2024 RPNs ceased or created. You should check for these in the first pay run of 2024.

Enhanced Revenue Reporting Digital Certificates

The Revenue have created a new system which requires a separate set of permissions, Submit & view ERR expenses/benefits, and View only ERR expenses/benefits.

The Employer admin certificate will have automatically been updated with these permissions.

If you have created a Sub-User certificate then you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Log into ROS under the Employer admin cert
  • View permissions under Admin Services
  • Add ERR submit and view permissions to the sub certificates as required.

The Revenue guides can be found here.

Our guide on ROS Digital Certificates has been updated here.

Enhanced Revenue Reporting Setup

Starting effective 1st January 2024, all benefits or expenses paid out in the certain categories must be reported to The Revenue on or before the date they were paid, or made available, to the the employee.

  • Small benefit exemption
  • Travel and subsistence allowances
  • Remote working daily allowance

Prior to reporting to ERR, we need you to review which of your Earnings/Reimbursements/Benefits are required to be reported.

Please configure your setup by following our guide here.

Parolla supports reporting of ERR benefits and expenses either via the pay run cycle, or outside of the cycle as expense claims. We have modified the Expense and Mileage workflows to support Enhanced Revenue Reporting, so the process has changed.

For those companies that make use of our expenses tools, the employee will now also need to indicate which expense line items should be reported.

Please refer to the updated employee expenses guide here.

PRSI Class Revisions for State Pension Recipients

Changes are coming in 2024 for employees aged 66 to 70 regarding state pension and PRSI. Employers must ascertain if these employees are receiving the state pension to determine the correct PRSI class.

From 1st of January the upper limit on PRSI exemption will also be lifted from 66 to 70, except for those who:

  • Are already in receipt of the State Pension Contributory
  • or who have already reached age 66 as of the 1st January 2024

Employers will need to confirm with all employees who are between 66 and 70 and born after 1st Jan 1958, whether they are in receipt of the state pension, in order to assign the appropriate PRSI class.

See DEASP guidance here.

Managing Annual Leave into 2024

Coming into the new year, you should check and confirm how much unused annual leave is to be carried over.

Annual leave should be taken within the leave year. Employees and employers can agree to take annual leave within 6 months of the relevant leave year.

Any further carrying-over (also called holding over) of annual leave would need to be agreed between you and your employer.

See our guide on annual leave here.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting For More Businesses

From 1st January 2024 employers with more than 150 employees will need to prepare and publish gender pay reports. In 2025 the responsibility will then expand to any employers with more than 50 employees.

There are plans for a Gender Pay Report publication hub. And we are in early stage discussion about what this will look like.

For the moment, it is a self filing obligation to post the information on your website or some other location easily accessible to staff and the public.

Revised Minimum Wage Rates

The minimum wage for workers will rise from €11.30 to €12.70 on 1st of January 2024. Please adjust your employee minimum wage rates under the employee role pages.

Our guide on creating and editing employments is here.

Estimate Personal Use of Company Vehicles

When an employee uses a company vehicle then this is considered to be a taxable Benefit In Kind.

The value of the benefit depends on the value of the vehicle, the amount of personal usage envisaged, and the number of days that the vehicle is available to the employee.

Each year you should revisit the employee setup of their BIK, and confirm the estimated personal mileage and the rate of BIK applicable.

See our Company Vehicle Benefit guide here.

Enhanced Sick Pay Entitlements

The paid sick leave entitlement will increase from three days to five days from 1st January 2024. Parolla has been updated accordingly. Just be aware that the business will need to cover these days with up to €110 per day.

See Citizens Information here.

Confirm Employee Tax Details For Coming Year

The Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN’s) only provide part of the tax information for an employee. You also need to confirm the following for the coming year as this is not transmitted on an RPN.

  1. The employee PRSI Class. Particularly if they are changing from youth J class, or approaching pensionable M class ages.
  2. Any Exclusion Orders need to be reconfirmed and updated.
  3. Whether the employee will deduct Local Property Tax from their pay.
  4. If the employee is a Community Employment scheme participant.
  5. If the employee is still a proprietary director in the company.

Coming Later in 2024

Improved Parents’ Leave and Benefits in August

From August 2024 the parent’s leave will be extended from seven weeks to nine weeks.

See Citizens Information here.

Pension Auto Enrolment in September

The implementation of automatic enrollment in pension schemes for employees is now set for the 3rd Quarter of 2024. The intention of the initiative is to automatically include employees who earn more than €20,000 and are aged between 23 and 60 years in a pension plan

The state is still negotiating for a provider to enact this service. Please keep an eye on our blogs and updates.

Parolla will be supporting this feature when it becomes available.

See Citizens Information here.

Updated PRSI Rates in October

The cost of PRSI will increase by an additional 0.1% in October 2024. These will update automatically in Parolla.

Download the advanced guide here.