SortMyBooks Integration.

Create Journals effortlessly in your nominal accounts


SortMyBooks is a cloud accounting software designed for smart ambitious business owners and accounting practices.

The system was created in Ireland and it is particularly strong in the areas of VAT reporting, Job Costing and Time Tracking.

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Get your API key from SortMyBooks

SortMyBooks have an API integration page in the setup area of their Premium and Retailer plan.

Copy the code in the SortMyBooksOnline API field.


Enter the API key into Parolla

Enter the API key code into Parolla, this allows us to contact SortMyBooks and obtain a list of all your companies. 

Select the desired company and the type of data you want to send to SortMyBooks for each line item.


Map nominal accounts

Parolla can map our chart of accounts to the default set of nominals in SortMyBooks with one click.

However, the system is flexible enough that you can map any Parolla element to any nominal account if required.


Push your pay run to SortMyBooks

You can push any pay run directly into SortMyBooks from Parolla with ease.

We create a Journal entry containing all the line items in the pay run, and mark the Parolla pay run as synchronised.

Job done, setup and processed in four actions!