On line payroll software

Run your payroll from anywhere on any device.

Share the load and invite others to join your account.

It's common for companies to have just one person that 'does the payroll'.

That's some pressure! What happens when they're ill / on leave / offsite?

With online cloud payroll software, you can assign other users to the account. The owner could even step in and cover the odd pay run. Better hope they don't realise how easy it actually is!

You could even invite your accountant into the system and get them to run or review the payroll!

Work from home on line, anywhere at any time

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On line cloud based payroll software uses your device browser to present and process your payroll.

Working from home? Not a problem, work away. Even in your pyjamas, say nothing.

On holiday/stay-cation? If you've got wifi you can run a payroll

At the beach and forgot to email out the payslips? If you've got a smartphone and a network signal then hit send quickly before any notices!

Last minute correction at 8pm? Log in from home, make that change, then back downstairs for a cuppa.


Up to date and always on line.

On line cloud payroll software is live all the time, night and day.

We keep the system up to date with current legal and HR requirements as they change. You never need to run an update in Parolla.


Robust data backup and protection.

What would happen if the PC running your desktop software was lost or destroyed? That's not a problem with online software.

We store your data in multiple encrypted databases, with hot failover. That means if one of our databases fails, the system flips over automatically to one of the other live databases.

On top of that, we run snapshot backups every 3 hours, daily, weekly and monthly.

Most PC's only see a backup when their delivery truck is reversing.


On line is Mac friendly.

For those of you running the apple iOS operating systems life can be hard.

Sure, you get lots of great user friendly and gorgeous looking applications, but  unfortunately most payroll software is written for the windows environment.

But that's OK because online payroll software doesn't care what operating system you use!

Parolla will run happily in Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer or Edge. Pretty much any current browser system is fine.