Payroll video tutorials.

Step by step tutorials for some of the more complicated bits.

How Do I Set Up My Company In Parolla?

This video walks you through the process of creating a new company in Parolla.

How Do I Create a Revenue ROS Sub-User Certificate?

This video explains how to create a sub-user certificate from your ROS administrator certificate. A sub-user cert allows you to revoke access at any time, and also restricts what information Parolla can access.

This video is part 2 of how to create a revenue sub user certificate. It explains how to upload the sub-user cert into Parolla and thereby grant the system access to your company PAYE information available on ROS.

How Do I Download Revenue RPN's?

This video explains how to download an RPN directly from Revenue using their Online Forms method. This is sometimes useful for comparing RPN's on file in Parolla vs what Revenue have on their portal.

How Do I Connect With Xero?

This video explains how to make your initial connection to Xero and how to map the chart of accounts so that information can be sent from Parolla to Xero.

This video explains how to actually send a pay run to Xero. It also shows how to reverse and resubmit pay runs if required.

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