Super Support & Documentation.

We're here to help with support and documentation when you need it.

Best in class user support

We believe that anyone can run a payroll system for 90% of the time. However, occasionally situations arise where you need a bit of a helping hand:

Is maternity pay taxable?

How do I set up cycle-to-work scheme deductions?

Sometimes you just need someone to look over your shoulder. We're here for those moments. We also have a wide range of support channels where you can find the information you need.


Live Chat Support

The application has a live chat support system that can transfer files and establish voice conversations.

The Chat system is the preferred method of support because it come through to an operator, and keeps a record of the conversation

We use SalesIQ from Zoho


We have a wide range of PDF documents that you can download or have open as you run your payroll.

An in-app link can take you directly to the support and documentation pages.

Online documents are here.

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials cover some of the more complicated setup procedures. 

The video guides are all broken into stages.

Claire's the one with the Irish accent.

Tutorials are here.

Shared Screen

We can initiate a dual screen share and video chat. This is a great mechanism for support, training or demonstrations.

We use Surfly our shared screen provider.


Traditional email, for those non-urgent or unusual support request that require additional support and documentation.

Email us at [email protected].


We understand that sometimes you just can't beat a support conversation. And not many people can type 60 wpm with 100% accuracy!

You can contact us on +353 89 221 9326