Paid In Advance

Paid in advance

How to account for paid-in-advance holiday pay that spans two tax years.

Public Holidays Ireland

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Public holidays are complicated. Who is entitled to them? What exactly are the entitled to? We give you some of the basic rules that cover most employees.

EWSS Eligibility Review July 2021

EWSS has now been extended to December 2021 as per the Finance Bill issued at the end of June 2021. The updates are outlined in full in the latest Revenue EWSS guidelines. There are two main items to note Extension date of the EWSS Scheme EWSS Eligibility criteria and mandatory review reporting Extension date of EWSS Scheme EWSS remains in … Read More

Preparing for Reopening Summer 2021

Guidelines have now been made available from Government for the reopening of business in 2021 and many are busy getting ready for the season ahead. For some this may be the first time that the business will have opened in 2021 or the operation may be finally moving from skeleton staff to a more comprehensive workforce. Payroll Checklist Check that … Read More

What it says in the papers….

Parolla Feature in the Irish Times On Saturday the 8th May 2021 Claire and Mark from Parolla featured in the Irish Times weekend paper. This came about after Mark volunteered Claire to talk to Jen O’Connell about lockdown burnout, how it happened and what we are doing to get over it. Lockdown was a stressful time for so many of … Read More

How To Give Your Best Customer Support

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We’re consistently commended for our best in class levels of customer support. We aim to answer our customers questions promptly, correctly, and with respect. I recently contributed to an article on customer support in Software as a Services products. I was asked to outline some of the principles and tools that we apply. Answering your customers question correctly and sportively … Read More

Gender Reporting

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Gender reporting is an upcoming requirement for companies to publish data on gender balance in pay scales across bands for all employees. In Europe women earn on average 14% less than men. The figure for Ireland in 2018 was 14.4%. The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill was published in 2019, but was delayed, and is now being redrafted for 2021. … Read More


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Trying to decide if it is better for you to claim EWSS or get your employees to claim PUP? If the business has remained open and the employees are still working albeit sorter hours, eg restaurant which is still serving takeaway, employees cannot claim PUP. EWSS can be claimed If the business is closed and the employees have been temporarily … Read More