Employee Self Service (ESS)Portal

The Employee Self-Service portal is an innovative tool for easy employee access to their personal payroll data, anytime they want to. The ESS portal puts the employee in the driving seat and reduces the amount of input required by the employer. Using this time-saving tool helps reduce or even eliminate the need to reply to many employee queries. It can also make … Read More

Statutory Sick Pay Scheme (SSP)

From 1 January 2023, employees have a right to 3 days’ sick pay a year. This is called statutory sick pay (that means the legal minimum). While many employer’s already offer more generous sick pay arrangements. Any company sick leave scheme can’t be less than the statutory amount. What is the new Statutory Sick Pay scheme (SSP)? The Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) … Read More

Changes to Company Vehicle BIK for 2023

Company cars

1st of January 2023 will see changes to company vehicle Benefit in Kind (BIK) calculations. These changes affect cars, vans and electric vehicles. Company Cars Prior to 2023 the Benefit in Kind arising from private use of company owned cars was based on the Original Market Value (OMV) and the business mileage done in the year. Lower Business Kms travelled … Read More

Great Support Feedback

great user support

We built a word cloud image from all the great support feedback received via our chat system over the past few years. I particularly liked that ‘Kind’ came up as a frequent word. It has been a lot of fun looking into the image for some of the less frequent, but supportive comments left for us. We use SalesIQ from … Read More

Paid In Advance

Paid in advance

How to account for paid-in-advance holiday pay that spans two tax years.

Public Holidays Ireland

Christmas baubles

Public holidays are complicated. Who is entitled to them? What exactly are the entitled to? We give you some of the basic rules that cover most employees.

EWSS Eligibility Review July 2021

EWSS has now been extended to December 2021 as per the Finance Bill issued at the end of June 2021. The updates are outlined in full in the latest Revenue EWSS guidelines. There are two main items to note Extension date of the EWSS Scheme EWSS Eligibility criteria and mandatory review reporting Extension date of EWSS Scheme EWSS remains in … Read More

Preparing for Reopening Summer 2021

Guidelines have now been made available from Government for the reopening of business in 2021 and many are busy getting ready for the season ahead. For some this may be the first time that the business will have opened in 2021 or the operation may be finally moving from skeleton staff to a more comprehensive workforce. Payroll Checklist Check that … Read More