Changes to Company Vehicle BIK for 2023

Company cars

1st of January 2023 will see changes to company vehicle Benefit in Kind (BIK) calculations. These changes affect cars, vans and electric vehicles. Company Cars Prior to 2023 the Benefit in Kind arising from private use of company owned cars was based on the Original Market Value (OMV) and the business mileage done in the year. Lower Business Kms travelled … Read More

Paid In Advance

Paid in advance

How to account for paid-in-advance holiday pay that spans two tax years.

Gender Reporting

Pink weighing scales selected to demonstrate gender equality and inequality

Gender reporting is an upcoming requirement for companies to publish data on gender balance in pay scales across bands for all employees. In Europe women earn on average 14% less than men. The figure for Ireland in 2018 was 14.4%. The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill was published in 2019, but was delayed, and is now being redrafted for 2021. … Read More

Minimum Wage Increase February 2020

money in wallet

The minimum wage will increase on the 1st of February 2020 from €9.80 to €10.10. There will also be a corresponding increase in the Class A employers PRSI threshold.

Revenue Payroll Notification Update

The Revenue Payroll Notification is where Revenue publish the tax details for an employee. This blog posts covers some of the changes in this revenue payroll notification update. The RPN’s used to be called a P2C files, or employee tax certificates. They are possibly the most important piece of information that we download from Revenue. Each Employment of an individual … Read More

Revenue Hot Topics

Revenue hot topics

Did you know that Revenue have a web page devoted to keeping you updated on common 2019 PAYE modernisation issues called Revenue Hot Topics? Search for the page here At the moment it covers issues such as: Duplicate Employments, reasons they may have been created and how to clean them up. Reasons why users may experience difficulties accessing ROS Reasons … Read More