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How To Submit Expense Claims

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Firstly, you should log into Parolla using your approved credentials. From your user dashboard, select the company that you are employed with.

The process for submitting and receiving expense claims goes like this:

  1. The employee enters a receipt, or multiple receipts.
  2. The employee can also enter personal vehicle mileage logs.
  3. At some point before the pay run is to be processed, the employee selects which receipts and vehicle journeys they wish to claim as expenses in the period.
  4. The employer reviews the expense claim and approves or rejects the claim.
  5. If approved, the expense claim will be added to the employee payslip as a reimbursement.

Entering a Receipt

Each receipt for a purchase should be entered as its own individual receipt into Parolla.

Select Add receipt from either the wizard navigation bar, or from the left hand menu.

This will direct you to a page where you can enter the details of the receipt.

Complete the details, adding individual line items if required for longer receipts. You can also take a picture of the receipt via phone, or file upload on a computer.

The Paid to company should be a single company. You should not submit a receipt that combines multiple receipts from different companies.

Submitting an Expense Claim

Go to the Receipts page using the left hand menu

Select the receipts that you want to submit an expense claim for, then click on the button labelled Create draft expense claim.

The claim is not submitted to the employer yet, please see the last step below.

Entering Personal Mileage

You can enter any personal mileage claimed as a work expense in your own vehicle, again from the wizard menu or the left hand side menu.

For your first claim, you will be asked to confirm your vehicle type, and its engine capacity. These details are used for the calculation of the correct rate to reimburse at. Future mileage claims will be pre-populated with your vehicle details.

You can then click on the Add a Journey button to create a new line. Complete all the details for the individual journey as required by law.

Multiple journeys can be added as separate line items. You can copy an individual line to make a new journey. Or add a completely new line if you need to.

Creating an Mileage Expense Claim

Using the left hand menu, select the Expenses > Mileage page

Select the journeys that you want to claim, and click on the button labelled Create draft expense claim.

The claim is not submitted to the employer yet. Please see the final step below.

Submitting and Viewing Your Expense Claims

So far you have created receipts, and vehicle mileage records, and drafted those as expense claims. The final step is to submit those to your employer for review.

In the left hand menu click on Expenses > Expense claims

Select the mileage and receipts that you want to claim for, and the click on Submit draft claim for approval.

This sends the combined expense claim to your employer payroll operator. They then review the claims, approve/deny them, and finally make payment via payslip.

You can check the status of the claims in this page.

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