Parolla Plugins is Xero’s Preferred Partner

Xero Parolla Partnership

It’s been a big start to 2023 for us. Parolla Plugins is Xero’s preferred partner in Ireland! The partnership allows Xero customers to make use of our Parolla Plugins web application free of charge, with Xero picking up the tab. So what does Parolla Plugins do, and how does it help Xero customers? Parolla Plugins is an updated version of … Read More

How To Give Your Best Customer Support

Question and answers on yellow signage post for best in class customer service

We’re consistently commended for our best in class levels of customer support. We aim to answer our customers questions promptly, correctly, and with respect. I recently contributed to an article on customer support in Software as a Services products. I was asked to outline some of the principles and tools that we apply. Answering your customers question correctly and sportively … Read More

Gender Reporting

Pink weighing scales selected to demonstrate gender equality and inequality

Gender reporting is an upcoming requirement for companies to publish data on gender balance in pay scales across bands for all employees. In Europe women earn on average 14% less than men. The figure for Ireland in 2018 was 14.4%. The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill was published in 2019, but was delayed, and is now being redrafted for 2021. … Read More

Multi Factor Authentication Security

restricted access

As of 15th September 2020 we have implemented multi factor authentication as an optional security enhancement for all users. Multi-factor authentication is an electronic authentication method in which a computer user is granted access to a website or application only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: knowledge, possession, and inherence.  Wikipedia Multi factor … Read More

Xero Bank Statement Converters

calculate statement

Xero bank feeds are temporarily out of action until Brexit gets resolved, so we have created our own Xero Bank Statement Converters. See Xero community page. In the meantime, you can still upload statement manually via CSV files. This week we have released two new bank statement converters on our Parolla Tools website, to assist Xero users in the ROI. … Read More

Employee Net Pay Arrangements

Employee net pay arrangements are where the employer has agreed to pay the employee an amount of money in-hand, after taxes have been deducted. This arrangement is generally discouraged by Revenue, and most business advisors, but is not prohibited. The arrangement is most often found in the construction sector, or where an employee might be paid in cash. The main … Read More

Personal Mileage Expenses

man driving car

We’ve updated the Personal Mileage Expenses form following user feedback. New features added: We pre-populate the journey form with the details of the employees last approved vehicle, destinations and distance. You can enter multiple journeys in the one claim form. You can copy individual journeys within the same claim form. If you’re an administrator you can submit the journey immediately … Read More

Revenue Payroll Notification Update

The Revenue Payroll Notification is where Revenue publish the tax details for an employee. This blog posts covers some of the changes in this revenue payroll notification update. The RPN’s used to be called a P2C files, or employee tax certificates. They are possibly the most important piece of information that we download from Revenue. Each Employment of an individual … Read More