Revenue PAYE Modernisation.

Direct Payroll Reporting connection for complete ROS integration

What is Direct Payroll Reporting?

Introduced as part of PAYE modernisation, this is the best method possible to transfer information with Revenue. Basically, our servers talk directly to the Revenue servers, so that you don't have to transfer information between ROS and the Payroll system.

Parolla makes use of every available Revenue ROS connection, to give you a complete understanding of your payroll liabilities without logging into the ROS system.

Best connection with ROS and Revenue
Best method to download an RPN

Do I need to download RPN's?

Not any more! Every time you open a pay run in Parolla, we contact Revenue and ask,  "Hey, have you got any new RPN's for us?"

This happens in the background. You get notified if there is anything new. Your employee RPN details are always the latest that they can be.

We match the RPN's with the Employees and give you a clear indication if someone is present or not.

Can I cross check between Revenue and Parolla?

After every pay run is submitted to Revenue, we automatically run a cross check routine that confirms:

  1. Do the number of payslips in Parolla match the number of payslips in Revenue?
  2. Does the total tax liability in Revenue match the total liability in the Parolla pay run?

You can run this comparison at any time, using our handly little link called Check Revenue Status.

Best practice for crosschecking ROS and Parolla
Online cloud based payroll calculations

What if I make a mistake?

All Parolla payroll submissions to Revenue are fully reversible and can be resubmitted at any time.

Revenue allow you until the 15th of the following month to make corrections to payroll submissions. You can do that from with Parolla without accessing the ROS site.

How to I find my montly period liability?

We're glad you asked, our direct method connection allows you to download a period return report from Revenue whenever you want.

The report contains summary details of all payslips and pay runs submitted. Even if they were submitted with a different software package.

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