Multiple Users & Employee Self Service.

Multiple users to share the workload, employee self service to empower your staff.

Multiple Users - Online Payroll At Its Best

One of the best features of online payroll is the ability to log in from anywhere. 

With Parolla, you can manage multiple users and assign access to your online cloud payroll software records:

  • Invite your auditors in a review role.
  • Invite your external accountant with full permissions to edit and amend.
  • Assign individual managers in your business departments/regions to approve leave, mileage, expenses.
  • HR or time sheet keepers can enter their own specific pieces of information directly into the software.

All user can be configured with multi factor authentication using Google Authenticator, for additional security.

Why should I give people access to my payroll?

There are a few important reasons why multi-user software is better than single seat desktop software:

  • Better transparency
  • Better accuracy
  • Reduced workload
  • Improved resilience



The Parolla online payroll software provides different views of the same data depending on the users role. So advisers can see everything, but employees only see their data.

The key point is that they all see the same data. So everyone knows exactly where they stand.



The workflow for traditional payroll systems involves a lot of emailing people with spreadsheets, timesheets, expense claims and leave reports.

All this information gets collected somewhere, then has to be repeated, reformatted, re-entered before it actually ends up in an employee payslip.

All of these tasks introduce a potential point or error. 

  • Was someone's leave request been missed?
  • How accurate are the numbers, were their hours this week 35 or 32?

With Parolla, a manager can enter the hours for their direct reports straight into the data set. The payroll officer only has to check the data, not re-enter it!

Reduced workload

When people have their own view of the data they don't need to contact the payroll officer for reports, printed payslips and financial updates.

Does an employee need one years worth of payslips to get a mortgage?

They can log in and download their entire payslip history without contacting the payroll department.

Finance team doing a late night projection and need wage data?

They can log in and generate historical earnings report themselves, when they need them.


Finally, we come to resilience. How resilient is your business to single points of failure?

What if your payroll officer takes ill? Can anyone access their PC? Is the software up to date? Do they know how to work the payroll software?

With Parolla payroll software you might get your accountant to process the pay runs. Our online help allows novice users to find what they need.

What if your office is closed? Flooding? Local lockdown? Can you still run a payroll?

With Parolla payroll software you can access your payroll from anywhere at any time.

What if the payroll software PC suffers a ransomware attack? A hard drive fault? Theft? Who backs up your data?

With Parolla payroll software, we back up your data and store it in multiple secure locations.


employee self service

Employee Self Service

Employee self service gives your staff the ability to log in and view their own information directly. All without inconveniencing your accounts team.

You can also allow employees to submit their own leave request, mileage claims and expense receipts. These can then be approved by their department managers or the payroll officer.

Finally, employees can download any of their payslips at any time. They can check their tax certificate (RPN) or view their YTD data.