Hypervisor Failure 2:30pm, 20th Sept 2019

The system is experiencing an error at our hosted servers today Friday, 20th September. The problem has taken down a block of servers. We are working to move over to our disaster recovery site at the moment. My apologies for the inconvenience. System restored 3pm Friday 20th September. We have moved hosting providers.

Database failure – 2nd Sept 2019

We are experiencing a database failure on one of our servers in Dublin. We are in the process of moving over to a backup database. The backup will be restored from Monday 2nd September 10:37 am. Email [email protected] and we will contact you when the system is available. Our apologies for your inconvenience.  

Outage Update – 24th May 2019

We’ve moved app.parolla.ie to our disaster recovery site. The domain name is updating at the moment to point to the DR servers. You can access them directly at If you can, please wait until the site is back online. Contact us on chat and we will send you an email when the issue is resolved. Thank you.

System outage 11:45am, Friday 24th May 2019

Our server host is having an issue with the Hypervisor running our Load Balancer. The https://app.parolla.ie site is unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience. If you would like to receive an email when service is restored, please leave a note in the chat system. We also have an offline version of the site, backed up at 3am this morning. We … Read More