Referral Program

Refer a new company and select your reward!


Choose from one of our customers products

We could have created a referral program using some generic voucher card, but where's the thought in that?

Instead we've selected a few products from our some of our existing clients, because we're keen to support their businesses as much as yours.

    Select your preferred gift
    Burren Perfumery soapsRascals beer selectionWhite Mausu gift packDiscounted subscription

    The Burren Perfumery


    Rascals Brewing Company


    White Mausu


    The small print....

    OK, so there are some conditions.

    1) You need to be an existing customer. If a company is referred multiple times then the first referrer wins the prize.

    2) We'll send off your gift after the referred company has paid for three months of service in Parolla.