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How to Create and Process a Pay Run

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Once you have setup the company and created the employee profiles you will be ready to create and process a pay run.

You are presented with the below screen when you first log in. Click on the dashboard box under the actions to the right of the screen (highlighted in yellow below).

Create a pay run

The menu now appears to the left of the screen. Click on the bell pay run icon and choose the pay run you wish to create.

Click on view to move directly to the pay run. Click on the arrow key next to view and choose hours option if you need in insert hours/ update rates. Click on View or open if you have set up a salaried (non variable) pay roll.

Inserting hours

Once you have insert the hours/ rates click on the green button to view the pay run.

Viewing pay slips

To view the pay slips click on view or open. If you want to view or edit one pay slip click on the edit button to the right of a person’s name.

You can then view the pay slip in full and add any earnings types, benefits deductions or re-imbursements directly to the pay slip. If you have used the leave tab in Parolla, the leave items will feed into the pay slips automatically. You can also add leave items directly to the pay slip as an earnings type. ** The leave paid out earnings type should only be used when an employee is leaving the company**. For normal leave use the annual leave earnings type.

You can add an individual message to a pay slip if you wish.

You can update the payment date if required and add a message to all pay slips. Delete any nil pay slips as it is Revenue’s preference not to receive nil pay slips.

Process a pay run.

Once you are happy that you have entered all the data you can process the pay run. Click on the arrow key next to the actions button and choose process.

If you haven’t already done so it is a good idea to review the pay run either by creating a gross to net report or a print summary. If you discover an error you can click on reverse pay run.

You now have the option to create payment, submit to Revenue and email the pay slips to the employees.

After you have submitted to Revenue you can also check the Revenue status of the submission in Parolla

Common Issues

If you viewed (built) the pay run previously and subsequently made some changes, such as created a new employee, then click on rebuild payslips and the changes will appear. Alternatively you can choose to add a payslip.

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