We're pleased to announce that **Parolla** as been selected as a **preferred partner** for **Xero** in Ireland. You can access our VAT3 and SEPA plugins [here](https://plugins.parolla.ie)
We're pleased to announce that **Parolla** as been selected as a **preferred partner** for **Xero** in Ireland. You can access our VAT3 and SEPA plugins [here](https://plugins.parolla.ie)
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Review Submissions

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It is important that the information in Parolla matches the information held with Revenue.

The software gives you a couple of methods of reviewing the status of your pay runs and submissions.

  • Check Submission Status
  • Submissions Check Run
  • Review Year

These tools will help you reconcile your pay runs against information held on the Revenue servers.

Check Submission Status

When you make a submission to Revenue they will respond with an “Acknowledged” status. This only means that they acknowledge receipt of the submission.

Usually, they can process the submission quickly, but sometimes it can get stuck on their servers.

Every time you send a pay run to Revenue we follow that message up with a separate command to “Check Submission Status”. When Revenue confirms that the run is completed we change the pay run status to Completed.

If there is a warning or problem with a pay run, we change the status to Error and post the cause of the error in your messages notifications.

A common issue is that Revenue will return a ‘Warning’ for issues like Out of Data RPNs. Warnings are only notifications, they do not stop a submission from being processed by Revenue.

You can check the submission status at any time by using the Check Revenue status option in the pay run drop-down actions.

Check Revenue Status

If the number of payslips and total tax liability match, then the system will change the pay run status to Completed.

Submission Check Run

A more comprehensive check is to query the Revenue servers directly using the page under Revenue > Submissions.

View Payroll Run Submission

This page allows you to view:

  • All active and accepted payslip submissions
  • All historical submissions made for this pay run
  • Validation errors
  • Warning errors

From this page, you can also delete submission line items or resubmit payslips to update the submission.

Parolla will raise a warning on any active submission if the payslip has been modified after the submission date, or if the values don’t match the payslip.

You can also click on the individual line item to see the details of what was submitted to Revenue for that payslip.

Review Year

The review year page was added in 2020 to allow you to execute one single command that compares every pay run for the current tax year.

The page can be accessed under Revenue > Review year

Review tax year

The page will highlight any mismatching pay runs and submissions in red. You can click on the green check button, or red alert button, to see more detail.

Common Issues

Common issues that cause errors are:

  • Payslips not processed, or reversed, in a pay run
  • Payslips that have been modified, but not resubmitted
  • Payslips that have been submitted more than once
  • Payslips are added to the pay run after the original submission.
  • Using out-of-date, or ceased Revenue Payroll Notifications