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In this guide we will go though setting up insurances in Parolla. The insurance can be set up in Parolla after you have created the employee profile. Insurances are either a benefit or a deduction.

Benefits are paid for by the company on behalf of the employee.

Deductions are taken directly from the employee’s earnings.

Both can be with or without Revenue tax relief.

Types of Insurances

Insurances Set up

There are 3 parts to setting up insurances in Parolla.

  1. Create the insurance provider as a recipient
  2. Create the insurance plan
  3. Add employee’s payment particulars to the insurance plan

Required information

  • Insurer name
  • Employee insurance membership number
  • Insurance contributions amounts

1. Creating the Insurance provider as a recipient

Go to the menu bar and choose Settings > Recipients > +New.

Input the details, the insurer option will appear in the type box. Click on Create

2. Create the Insurance Plan

From the menu bar choose Benefits/ Deductions > Insurances > New

The insurance recipient will now appear as an option in the provider box. Fill in all available details and submit.

3. Adding employee payment particulars to the insurance plan.

Next add the relevant employees as members of the insurance by clicking on the people icon.

Click on the add member button in the top right of the screen.

Since PAYE modernisation Revenue require the insurance details to be submitted with the pay run. The insurer and/or membership number may be required.

Insurance Contributions Report

An insurance contributions report is available to assist with reconciliation or insurance payments to providers.

Go to Reporting > Benefits/ Deductions

Choose the date range and relevant calendar. Advanced search allows you choose individual employees

Common Problems

I have added an employee as a member of an insurance policy but it doesn’t appear on the payslip?

To resolve this reload the template in the pay run.

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