2022 Revenue Payroll Notifications

The new 2022 Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPN’s) were made available on the 1st Dec 2021.

Tax credits and Standard Rate cut off Points have been modified on the RPN’s in line with the budget for 2020.  A summary of which can be found here.

The USC rate band update will be modified within the Parolla code for pay dates from the 1st January 2022.

If you wish to process a 2022 pay run before the 31st of December 2021 you will need to download the 2022 RPN’s. The calendar for 2022 is also available to download in the pay runs tab.  If you do nothing before the 31st December, the RPN download and calendar creation will happen automatically.

To download your 2022 RPNs’ go to the Revenue > Revenue payroll notifications page. Select the year 2022 from the tab. Click on the button labelled Get all in 2022.

The new RPNs’ have been created with the same EmploymentID number as your 2021 employments, however the RPN number will have been reset back to 1.

Some reminders about RPNs’:

  • EmploymentID is the number (or identifier) of this employment for the employee as notified to Revenue. This should only change if an employee leaves and returns to the company at a later date. New employees should start on EmploymentID of 1.
  • PayrollID or EmployeeID is your organizations id number for that employee. This never changes for the employee. It is optional, unless the employee has no PPSN, in which case it is mandatory and should not be changed after the first submission to Revenue.
  • RPN Number is the version number of the revenue payroll notification. It is incremented upwards every time a new RPN is issued.