Revenue Payroll Notification Update

The Revenue Payroll Notification is where Revenue publish the tax details for an employee. This blog posts covers some of the changes in this revenue payroll notification update.

The RPN’s used to be called a P2C files, or employee tax certificates. They are possibly the most important piece of information that we download from Revenue.

Each Employment of an individual is allocated an Employment ID by the employer. Revenue will issue a new RPN each time that employee changes their tax position. RPN’s contain information such as the employee’s Tax Credits, Standard Rate Cut Off Points, USC Bands and Local Property Tax due in the year. The RPN can also contain information about taxable income earned and tax paid in other employments.

When an employee ceases an employment, their RPN’s are also updated. Other employers might receive a new RPN containing the previous tax information,

We have taken some time to add some new features to the RPN page, to give it some love and attention.

The update provides the following additional features:

  • Each RPN has a dropdown button to view previous versions of the RPN. This can be used to investigate any changes to employee tax status.
  • You can choose to make an older version active again, useful for entering historic pay run cycles.
  • Employee’s that have left the company are still matched at the bottom of the page.
  • Unallocated RPN’s appear at the top of the page for importing.

You can still import a new user from this page, or bulk import multiple employees.

It is always possible to click in a view the full tax details for the employee in the RPN. These details are pulled directly from the Revenue servers and contain the same information as if you had downloaded on file from ROS directly.

For adding an individual employee we recommend using the Add Employee Wizard.