Gender Reporting

Pink weighing scales selected to demonstrate gender equality and inequality

Gender reporting is an upcoming requirement for companies to publish data on gender balance in pay scales across bands for all employees.

In Europe women earn on average 14% less than men. The figure for Ireland in 2018 was 14.4%.

The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill was published in 2019, but was delayed, and is now being redrafted for 2021. It should go before the Dáil post Easter 2021.

In March 2021, the European Commission also published a draft law with similar intent and requirements.

The draft European law makes public gender reporting mandatory for all employers of more than 250 staff. Smaller companies don’t have to publicly report, but still need to be able to provide information upon request.

These bills will hopefully make it through into law shortly. To prepare, we have made our Gender field in the employee setup a mandatory field. We currently have male and female options, as we don’t yet know how non-binary gender is to be recorded.

The gender field in the employee setup is configured as one of our Sensitive information types, and is encrypted in our data store.

The bill is available here.