Parolla Plugins is Xero’s Preferred Partner

Xero Parolla Partnership

It’s been a big start to 2023 for us. Parolla Plugins is Xero’s preferred partner in Ireland!

The partnership allows Xero customers to make use of our Parolla Plugins web application free of charge, with Xero picking up the tab.

So what does Parolla Plugins do, and how does it help Xero customers?

Parolla Plugins is an updated version of our Parolla Tools site, with enhanced capabilities, and single sign-on with Xero credentials. The new site is tightly integrated with the Xero app launcher and API.

In 2015 (while writing Parolla Payroll) we wanted to try and gauge the depth of the Xero customer base in Ireland. To do this, we made some of our in-house accounting tools available for general use.

These tools filled the gap for some of the features required by Xero users in Ireland:

  • VAT3 returns
  • SEPA payment files
  • Bank statement file conversion (this was before bank feeds were available)

In October 2022 we were invited to interview with Xero to create a platform for VAT3 production in Ireland.

Parolla was selected based on the strength of:

  • Having an existing, working understanding of the Xero API and ecosystem.
  • Having an existing product that already met most of the required user outcomes.
  • Understanding of the Revenue ROS API from payroll perspective and existing relationship with The Revenue.
  • In-house technical skills and software developers
  • Excellent feedback from Xero customers on our Payroll product.

The partnership with Xero raises the awareness of our services to more customers in the Republic of Ireland and abroad.

We very excited about further opportunities that this partnership will bring to all Irish companies in the Xero app ecosystem.