How a Learning Management System Helps New Employees Learn Payroll Processes

Onboarding a new employee is a painstaking process. It can feel repetitive for the employer or current staff member tasked with onboarding. For the new hire, it can feel overwhelming.

But while it mightn’t be fun, onboarding certainly is important. Training new staff makes them more productive and more likely to stay in their roles longer. It empowers them to perform better, benefitting their careers and your company as well.

Payroll training is a vital part of the onboarding process; it’s ubiquitous across industries, and it affects every single employee in your company. It’s critical that your employees get paid on time and accurately, yet employees are often confused by payroll processes, and payroll training is overlooked.

Using a learning management system (LMS) to onboard new employees with payroll and other processes can streamline your new hire training and make accurate payroll functions standard in your business. Here’s how:

What is a learning management system?

An LMS is a software that makes it simple to create and deliver training modules to learners such as new employees. They can view training modules within the LMS, take quizzes, complete assignments, and chat with peers.

As the business owner, you have administrative rights to view learners’ progress and pinpoint where they may be struggling. You can see who needs extra help and who can move on to further training.

How can an LMS make payroll training easier?

Processing payroll is a multistep process with many touch points throughout the system. Employees, payroll administrators, financial controllers, external accountants, and business owners are involved.

When a high-touch process like payroll runs smoothly, employees are paid on time and accurately. But if a new employee doesn’t understand the system and files her payroll information inaccurately, mistakes arise.

Educating new hires on the links between payroll steps helps reduce the opportunity for mistakes. They’ll understand their input’s role in the process and who to speak to should they file inaccurately or late.

LMS training can help employees understand their paychecks. Tax, pension, and personal financial information are often confusing for employees. But if they have received payroll training through an LMS, they’ll know how to read their paycheck, reducing payroll questions to the HR team and providing confidence to the employee that their pay is accurate.

Employees can also learn how to use self-service payroll software to file expenses and mileage for reimbursement and how to submit annual leave requests.

With proper training, payroll, reimbursements, and leave requests are quick and simple, saving your employee the headache of a missed paycheck and saving your company the time and money it takes to remedy those mistakes.

Getting started with an LMS

There are several solid LMS solutions available, two examples are LearnRight and TovutiLMS.

One of the significant advantages of LearnRight is that is will scale with your business, no matter how many employees you train or how many courses you add.

It’s an excellent choice for employee training because creating courses is almost effortless and the monitoring and reporting functions are intuitive and helpful. Some stand-out features include:

  • Quick setup with a designated onboarding specialist
  • Customised branding options
  • User role management and directory
  • Private messages
  • Quizzes and assignments
  • Webinars and video conferencing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Custom domain and email marketing

TovutiLMS is a strong option, too. It offers your employees an engaging online learning experience and allows you to create courses and training programs with ease, even if you have no prior experience. You can track and monitor learners’ progress through quizzes and downloadable reports.

You can set up a virtual classroom for your employees, and make learning fun with gamification. Highlights include:

  • eLearning
  • Integrations
  • Branding
  • Notifications
  • Content
  • Gamification
  • eCommerce
  • Virtual Classroom

LearnRight offers a dedicated onboarding specialist to get you started using the software, and its interface and course builder are intuitive and straightforward. Contact LearnRight directly to request a demo.

And remember that Parolla makes your payroll processes smooth and painless. Register today for a free trial, or contact us to chat about how Parolla can streamline your payroll.