PAYE Modernisation – One month on

PAYE Modernisation arrived with great anticipation on the 1st January 2019. It’s been a busy month but an exciting one for us here at Parolla. As with any new system which effects so many people it has not been without its challenges. However, issues have been limited and considering the enormity of the project the Revenue should be commended for all their hard work.

Getting used to the changes will require time – only a small minority of the population like change and an even smaller amount of those people also like numbers.

The “Why” reasons for P Mod are behind us and people now are getting their heads around the new language and the “How” behind the process.

Previously when companies ran their pay run they downloaded files from their software or received the information from their accountant and manually uploaded this information to ROS. With PAYE Modernisation companies can link their ROS profiles directly with their Parolla profile making the submission to ROS a one click process and the feeding of RPN information to their Parolla profile instantaneous. We have already seen time savings from the removal of the P30 and P45 processes.

Common Issues during January

  • Digital Certificates – Creating the certificate in ROS requires a number of steps and can be confusing – the good news is that it is required to be downloaded once only. We have created video tutorials on our website to guide you and similar guides are also available on
  • Emergency Tax – Companies who had not submitted a list of employees or had employees who commenced work in December 2018 were more likely to be wrongly placed on emergency tax. This is easily rectified via the employees MyAccount profile.
  • Double ups –Employees listed more than once on the RPN, this issue was rectified in Mid-January.
  • ROS downtime– The revenue website had days when the system was simply overloaded. Wednesday and Thursdays in particular with the 23rd of the Month being the most problematic day with VAT returns also being submitted.
  • Old XP computers – Users with old XP computers were unpleasantly surprised to realise that their technology was not compatible with the new ROS system.
  • Date Settings -Updates were required to enhance compatibility.
  • EmploymentID’s – There has been some confusion between and EmployeeID and their EmploymentID.

A number of upgrades have been created in ROS and Parolla as a consequence. Although a test environment had been available to software providers it had been impossible to test all scenarios. Fortunately, as a cloud service, we’re able to push these updates quickly and to all customers.

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