Employee Self Service (ESS)Portal

The Employee Self-Service portal is an innovative tool for easy employee access to their personal payroll data, anytime they want to. The ESS portal puts the employee in the driving seat and reduces the amount of input required by the employer.

Using this time-saving tool helps reduce or even eliminate the need to reply to many employee queries. It can also make the new employee onboarding process a lot easier giving employees a warmer welcome to the company and allowing for a smoother integration into the new job.

The portal allows employees to see their pay slips, apply for leave, submit travel expenses and update their personal and bank account details.

In addition employers can load any employee specific documents to an employee profile such as their signed employment contract.

Employee portal homepage view

How it works

Employee’s are invited to the company by the administrator. The administrator can create the basic profile directly from the RPN. Once they have activated the employment role and input an email address the employee can be invited to create a profile in Parolla. On acceptance of the invite, the employee can then update their personal and banking details, request leave and view any processed pay slips.


We have several guides and reference pieces for employees to access under the employee self service section of parolla.ie.