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Data Integrity Checks

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At various stages of the year, we run automated data integrity checks. These are basic health checks that compare the information in Parolla against the information that the tax authorities have on file.

In particular, we compare:

  1. The number of processed payslips against the number of active or accepted payslips on file with Revenue.
  2. The total tax liability arising from the pay run against the total tax liability for the pay run with Revenue.

We email the results of the check to any organisation that fails one or more checks on any pay run in the tax year.

You can perform this check yourself at any time using the Revenue Review Year page.

Checks Performed

Payslip Count

This check makes sure that all the payslips have been accounted for and submitted.

Common reasons for failing this check are:

  1. Payslips were accidentally submitted twice.
  2. Payslips are reversed or deleted in the pay run on Parolla, but not re-submitted or deleted with Revenue.
  3. Payslips are added to a pay run after the initial submission.

These are all relatively easy to correct, as we can simply resend or delete payslips to Revenue.

Total Tax Liability

The second check compares the total tax liability in the pay run against the total tax liability in the Revenue records.

Comparing total tax liability allows us to quickly identify if a payslip has been modified and reprocessed with different amounts. This wouldn’t necessarily be identified by the payslip count check.

Common reasons for failing this check are:

  1. Missing or added payslips in the pay run, not resent/deleted from the submission.
  2. Changes in the payslips which weren’t resubmitted.

The fix for these types of errors requires the user to view the Revenue > Submissions page. This page shows each individual payslip line submission and displays a warning if the amounts differ, or if the payslip has been altered after the submission date.