Great Support Feedback

great user support

We built a word cloud image from all the great support feedback received via our chat system over the past few years.

I particularly liked that ‘Kind’ came up as a frequent word. It has been a lot of fun looking into the image for some of the less frequent, but supportive comments left for us.

We use SalesIQ from Zoho for our chat and find we get great results from it.

It allows us to:

  • Quickly engage with users
  • Display current user page
  • Display prior chat history
  • Initiate voice conversations
  • Cut and paste screen shots
  • Track satisfaction levels
  • Track response times
  • Schedule follow up
  • Use shortcuts and pre-prepared articles/content.

There are a host of other features that we haven’t even tapped into fully! But even as we are now, it still allows us to receive great support feedback from our users.