Preparing for Reopening Summer 2021

Guidelines have now been made available from Government for the reopening of business in 2021 and many are busy getting ready for the season ahead. For some this may be the first time that the business will have opened in 2021 or the operation may be finally moving from skeleton staff to a more comprehensive workforce.

Payroll Checklist

  • Check that no updates need to be run on your software. Cloud Payroll Software is always up to date.
  • Check that you have an up to date ROS certificate. If you are able to log onto ROS you have a valid certificate.
  • Advise any employees who have been on PUP to close their payments with DEASP and to log onto their MyAccount profile and check their tax credits. If they do not close off their PUP payments they will be taxed at the highest rate.
  • Set up any new employees on your software and request an RPN for them. Provide the employees with the companies Employer Registration Number (same as your VAT number). They will need this to transfer the credits on their MyAccount profile.
  • Ensure your payment dates on your payroll calendar match the date the money becomes available to the employee. (as per Revenue guidelines)

The new start may also be a good time to review your payroll software provider. A cloud payroll software solution such as Parolla, which you can access from any device at any time, may suit your needs more in the post covid environment.