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Setting up Company and Employee Bank Details

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To make payroll payments via bulk SEPA or Banklink CSV file you will need to input the company and employee bank account details to Parolla.

Once you have completed the setting up of company & employee bank details you can check out the guide on How to create a payment file.


Parolla can generate a SEPA Credit Transfer file or a Bankline CSV payment file from your processed pay run.

SEPA is a Single Euro Payment Area file format agreed upon between European banks for the transfer of Euros.

Bankline is a CSV file used by certain banks (Ulster Bank) as a format for instructing payments.

Setting up Company bank details

This is the account that you wish to debit the salaries/wages from. To set up the account, go to the menu and choose Settings at the bottom. Next, choose Bank Details and input the Account name, Originator identification number, and the account IBAN and click on Update.

Setting up Employee bank details

This is the employee’s account that you credit to salaries/wages to. You may have already completed this task in the employee profile set up. If not go to the Employees tab on the menu and choose Current Employees. Click on the edit box.

Next, choose the payment tab and insert the employee’s bank account details.

You are now ready to create a payment file on a processed pay run.