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How To Apply For Leave

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This article explains how to apply for leave in the Parolla system via the employee self service portal.

Employees can request single dates, multiple days or even part days in an online leave request form. The form allows all types of statutory and non statutory leave requests.

Making a Leave Request

To apply for leave, use the wizards button in the navigation bar, or in the left hand menu under Leave > New leave request.

The system will direct you to the leave request page, where you can enter the particulars of the leave.

Choose the type of leave, and whether is it part day, multiple day or single day.

If the leave is a part days type, you must add each individual leave period as a combination of the day and number of hours taken.

Note that only annual leave can be claimed for pay in advance. Please contact your employer before selecting this, as they may reject the leave application.

Creating the leave request will notify your employer and/or your manager. They will then need to review and approve the leave request.

Check Leave Status

There are two other menu options to view your leave request pending approval, and your leave which you have already taken.

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