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Using Employee Self Service

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The employee self service portal for Parolla allows employees to log in and perform actions such as:

  • View and download payslips
  • Enter leave applications
  • Enter expenses and receipts
  • Enter vehicle mileage

Accepting An Invitation Email

When the employer invites an employee to join their company on Parolla, the system will send an invitation email out. The email contains a link button specific to the employee.

You should click on the button to “Apply To Organisation” which will open a browser tab to the Parolla web application.

If a user already exists for the email address, then you will be directed to the normal login page. See the section on confirming acceptance of invitations.

Registering With Parolla

If this is your first time on Parolla then you will directed to a registration page.

You should choose and confirm a password, confirm acceptance of terms, and then Register as a new user.

This will redirect to your My Organisations page where you accept the invitation from the employer.

Confirming Acceptance of an Invitation

Your My Organisations page contains a list of the organisations that you have been invited to join. Accept or reject the invitation from the company here.

Once you’ve accepted, the new company will be added to your list of employer organisations.

Switching To The Organisation

Click on the dashboard button to the right of the organisation that you want to open. You can also click on the organisation name in the top of the blue navigation bar to select the organisation.

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