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Bureau Account Setup

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A Parolla Bureau account allows you to manage multiple payroll companies from your login.

This service is predominately used by book-keepers and accountants.

You can invite your staff into the Bureau Account and allocate them to individual clients. Each staff member may have their own list of clients with different permission levels and access rights.

The Bureau Account requires a ROS Digital Certificate with an Agent Tax Identification Number (TAIN).

Parolla matches your agent certificate with the company employer registration number. This allows access for both the client and your staff to Revenue’s services.

Bureau Account Setup

Click on Create a Bureau from your My organisations home page.

Complete The Initial Bureau Account Details

You will notice that the navigate and theme colours change when you are in the Bureau view.

Upload Your ROS Digital Certificate

The certificate upload page can be found under the left-hand menu for Site Config > Revenue.

The certificate should have an associated Tax Agent Identification Number, this will allow you to link the Parolla account with your client details.

The TAIN number format will be 5-6 numbers followed by 1 or 2 letters, such as 123456T.

Invite Your Employees to Join

Initially, the only member of your Bureau will be yourself. You can invite other people into the Bureau from the menu for Employees > Manage employees.

Click on the Invite people to join button in the top right.

Invite people to join the bureau

Enter their email address in the popup menu, along with an optional message. We will send them an invitation email and allow them to register with this company.

Creating New Client Organisations

You can create a new client in Parolla directly from your Bureau and assign employees to manage that account. The new client page is under Clients > Create client.

Accepting Invitations

Initiating a Client/Bureau link can only be done from the Client side. The client must send the request to an employee of the Bureau requesting them to access their account.