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How To Add New Bureau Employees

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This guide covers the process of how to add new bureau employees to an existing payroll bureau.

A payroll bureau can have many employees, each with their own login credentials. Each of these employees can be assigned to manage individual client accounts. It is generally good practice to limit an employees access to only those clients that they are responsible for managing.

Inviting A New Employee To Join Your Payroll Bureau

This process must be done by a payroll bureau administrator. Navigate to your Bureau, and in the left hand menu choose Employees > Manage employees.

Click on the button to “Invite people to join”.

Invite an employee to join the payroll bureau.

Enter the new user email address, add an optional message, and send.

Invite a new user with an email address

An invitation email will be sent to the new user. When that user next logs into Parolla, they will be given the option to accept the invitation.

New user must accept the invitation to join.

Assigning Bureau Employees To Client Companies

A new user is not entitled to view any client information. You must authorise the new user to access client accounts.

In the Bureau screen, select the left-hand menu options for Clients > View Clients. Edit each client that you want to allocate to the user.

Edit client settings

In the Edit Client page, add a new authorised bureau user. Give them access permissions for client manager or administrator.

Add the authorised bureau user and permissions.

Bureau Employee Roles

You can promote a Bureau Employee with two settings. Found in the Bureau page, left hand menu, under Employees > Manage Employees

Edit a bureau user

Edit the employee page as below:

Change permissions

“Administrator” allow the bureau user to invite new bureau users, manage roles, view all clients and create new clients.

“Can create companies and manage staff”, this allows the user to create clients, and manage the staff allocated to those clients.

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