Powerful, light touch and easy to use.

Parolla is designed to meet business needs with these powerful new features.

Buerau features

Bureau Service

Our bureau service allows you to:
  • Manage multiple client organisations
  • Assign bureau employees to individual organisations
  • Provides full administrative authority for client organisations
  • Create and manage to do lists
  • Communicate with client employees via a built in messaging/support system
Revenue features


Interact with Revenue On-Line:

Our servers talk directly to Revenue:

  • Fully flexible Employment ID’s (we can use other payroll software Employment ID’s)
  • Automatic RPN downloads.
  • One click posting of payroll submissions to Revenue
  • Reverse and resubmit from within Parolla
  • View submission history and period returns directly in Parolla
Multiuser features


Access by role:
  • Owner
  • Accountants
  • Book keepers
  • Payroll administrators
  • HR administrators
  • Managers
  • Employees
Employee self service features

Self Service

Employee access for:
  • View payslips and leave balances
  • Submit leave requests
  • Submit expenses
  • Submit vehicle mileage
  • Submit for flat rate allowances
  • Submit for transport pass salary sacrifice
  • Apply for Cycle-To-Work scheme
  • Make Additional Voluntary Contributions to pensions
Xero integration features


Use Parolla to save time and effort:
  • Map payroll accounts to the Xero chart of accounts.
  • Map tax liabilities with Xero chart of accounts and track liabilities.
  • Synchronise contacts for employees, beneficiaries and suppliers.
  • Update payment status via Xero account reconciliation.
Cloud features

Cloud Based

Benefits of a cloud based system are:
  • Use on any device with an internet browser. (Mac Friendly)
  • No software downloads required, software is always up to date.
  • Servers located in Ireland.
  • Backups conducted daily and stored with a different service provider.
  • No credit card details stored in Parolla.
Notification features


We update you as actions occur:

The Parolla notification system logs key activities and creates a user specific notification message for each event.

  • Request and approval change of status notifications,
  • Upcoming important date reminders,
  • Task bar notification messages,
  • History tracking of messages,
  • Links to relevant pages within the message,
Email features

Email System

A built in mail system provides:
  • Bulk emailing of payslips to employees,
  • Email notification of leave requests, vehicle logs, expense claims and timesheets to managers for approval
  • Automated payroll managers get sent a pre-processing draft pay run for approval,
  • Approve/reject links embedded in emails to speed the approval process,
Pension features


Options available for:
  • Personal retirement savings accounts (PRSA’s)
  • Occupational pensions scheme’s
  • Personal pensions plans

Parolla stores plan details, manages payroll deductions, and produces plan reports for each scheme type.

Payment features


Multiple payment methods:
  • SEPA file generation with hash key provided
  • Banklink file generation
  • Cash denomination calculator
Vehicle features


Manage vehicle records:
  • Assign company vehicles to employees
  • Enter and maintain vehicle logs via Párolla mobile app and website
  • Approve vehicle logs for BIK records.
Leave management features


Includes a management system:
  • Standard and statutory leave types,
  • Customisable leave types and individual entitlements,
  • Employee leave request forms,
  • Manager leave approval processes,
  • Payslip notification of leave balances,
  • Calculate leave by all three methods defined by Revenue,
  • Split leave across pay runs and in part days.
Employee expenses features


Expenses management system:
  • Employees can upload and submit expenses along with attachments.
  • Employees can append receipt images taken from mobile phones or upload files.
  • Nominated employee managers can approve expenses by expense type or within budget ranges.
  • Expenses can be reimbursed as part of the pay run process (or separately)
  • Expenses, contacts, account journals and tax rates are all integrated with Xero.
Benefits features

Benefits in Kind

Built in tools for:
  • Small benefits
  • Private use of company cars
  • Private use of company vans
  • Free or subsidised accommodation
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Travel pass scheme
  • Use of company assets