As a small, but busy, architecture practice, Parolla offers us a flexible and reliable solution for our payroll needs.
We endeavour to work with Irish businesses where we can. Parolla, being based in Ireland, has an understanding of the workings and intricacies of a small Irish businesses, and with this assurance we selected their service.
The user interface of Parolla is very easy to navigate, and completing our payroll tasks never takes longer than a few minutes. We have complete trust in Parolla, and in turn, this brings a confidence among our staff that their payroll needs are being taken care of.
We would highly recommend Parolla!
Elizabeth Clyne, Noji

We’ve been using Parolla for a while now. I have NO payroll experience. I had starters, leavers, Admin access editing and all sorts on the first few weeks which was a true baptism of fire, and I breezed through it all. Parolla is a piece of cake. It’s just data entry. And the Parolla team took the time with little anticipatory reminders in the background checking to ensure I was aware of all the powerful features of the system and where to find certain help docs etc. All questions were answered pretty much instantly. I have yet to come across such an outstanding Customer Service experience (with the exception of our own company!). The team do all but jump out of the screen to move my hands around the keyboard. You do not need an iota of experience in wage runs to use this.

Ger White,
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As a small SME, we decided to take back control over payroll for our 3 employees which we previously outsourced.

We found the Parolla system quick, easy to understand and straight forward to set up in the initial stages. The system enables us to keep accurate and up to date payroll records including submitting all details to Revenue on the day of payment with the minimum of time and input each week.

The support service and the online chat function are invaluable as they deal with any queries which arise when processing.

We would highly recommend the system for any SME that wants a comprehensive and straight forward, easy to use solution when processing their payroll.

Our business has been using Parolla for two locations for about a year and we are delighted with the platform and the super support provided.
The Xero integration has saved us considerable time and effort: especially including tracking groups in auto posting of Journals to Xero.
Looking forward to working with Parolla as the platform continues to evolve.

Matt Farrell, DIEP
Jacky Murphy
I have started trailing use of Parolla for 2 of my clients , 1 company with 2 employees and 1 company with 40+ employees. So far my experience with the system and Mark in support have been fantastic and I look forward to using it for my 2019 payrolls.
Jacky Murphy, Beyond
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The customer support from the Parolla team was second to none.  Mark and Claire
were super supportive in helping me to set up my account and ensure I was meeting my obligations to revenue.
The website is intuitive, well laid out and easy to navigate. I would highly recommend them and the company to
anyone who requires payroll software.
Barry Lynch, Infocus Media
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Best SaaS app on the market for SMB payroll in IE. Once certificates are set up on the Revenue side (72hrs) it’s an easy import of RPN’s into Parolla. We had lots of flexibility how to configure payroll runs including some required overrides (which allowed for issues to be solved that other competitor’s products couldn’t do). Mark was also super helpful and responsive during on-boarding and we wish this product continued success and ongoing rapid iteration cycles.
Donal O Duibhir, Defensible
I have just started using Parolla and this was a big payroll in excess of 50 employees.
The software itself is better than that which I have used before, and the customer service provided by Mark and Claire has been superb. I highly recommend this.
Jane Jackson, UHY Farrelly Dawe White Limited

Great product and service, good experience so far, highly recommended

We’ve been using Parolla for a few months now and couldn’t be happier, the support Mark and Claire provide is always great and quick.

Patrycja Drennan, Golfmech
Paul McAviney
I have been using Parolla and Xero in my new business and I couldn’t be happier to be completely honest. Having set up my new small business the last thing I needed was to have to learn how to run a payroll every month and all that it entails but I have to say that Parolla and its simple interface to Xero have made the whole thing simple for me. Plus, Mark from Parolla is extremely helpful every time I ever have any level of problem.