Personal Mileage Expense

We've updated the Personal Mileage journey entry form following user feedback. New features added: We pre-populate the journey form with the details of the employees last approved vehicle, destinations and distance. You can enter multiple journeys in the one claim form. You can copy individual journeys within the same claim form. If you're an administrator you can submit the journey immediately as an expense claim, eliminating the Delegation of Authority approval process. This update will significantly reduce the number of steps in submitting repeat mileage claims.

By |June 5th, 2019|Feature Updates|

Revenue RPN Page

The Revenue Payroll Notification page has received some love and attention. The update provide the following additional features: Each RPN has a dropdown button to view previous versions of the RPN. This can be used to investigate any changes to employee tax status. You can choose to make an older version active again, useful for entering historic pay run cycles. Employee's that have left the company are still matched at the bottom of the page. Unallocated RPN's appear at the top of the page for importing. You can still import an new user from this page, or bulk import multiple employees. For adding an individual employee we recommend using the Add Employee Wizard.

By |June 5th, 2019|Feature Updates, PAYE Modernisation|

Xero Account Mapping Rules

We have added custom mapping rules to the Xero/Parolla account synchronisation process. The new rules allow you to post to specific Xero accounts based on the details of an individual employee. Rules can be created for departments, regions, or individual employees. If no rules are present, or if an employee doesn’t apply to any of the rules, then they are mapped to the default account. For instance, you can create a rule so the all wage expenses for employees in a particular set of regions are posted to a nominated Xero account. Say you had employees in stores in Waterford, Cork and Kerry, then you could map all of their pay transaction components into a Munster wage expense account in Xero. Similarly, if you want to account for directors wages separately from employees then you could either assign them to a Director department, or select them individually by name. This addition has been implemented based

By |June 5th, 2019|Feature Updates, Xero|

Updated New Employee Wizard

The new employee wizard has been updated and reintroduced to streamline workflow. Some of the changes include: The very first step of the wizard creates or imports Revenue RPN details. A new auto numbering system can generate the next available employee payroll/works number. The number of mandatory fields have been reduced There is an early finish button is available once the minimum required details have been entered. The wizard has been available since April 2019 and is working well. We have now (June) released a new guidance document, which recommends the wizard as the primary method of adding employees. If you are importing a lot of employees' then the bulk import process in the RPN page may still be your best route.

By |June 5th, 2019|Feature Updates|

Outage Update – 24th May 2019

We've moved to our disaster recovery site. The domain name is updating at the moment to point to the DR servers. You can access them directly at If you can, please wait until the site is back online. Contact us on chat and we will send you an email when the issue is resolved. Thank you.

By |May 24th, 2019|System Status|
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